Make Room in Your Sukkah.


Based on the custom of inviting 7 historical figures to our Sukkah - one for each night of Sukkot - Ushpizot is a project featuring notable women from Jewish and Israeli History. The Ushpizot are available as Sukkah decorations as well as year-round educational swag

Our Ushipzot are:

Eve (Chava), Sarah, Rebbeca, Rachel, Lea, Yocheved, Miriam, Tzlofchad Daughter's, Deborah, Ruth, Queen Esther, Bruria, Dona Grazia, Chana Senesh, Golda Meir, Naomi Shemer, Zelda, Nechama Leibowitz, Netiva Ben Yehuda, HaRabbanit Kapah, Shoshana Damari, Ofra Haza, Yona Wallach, Ahuva Ozeri and Ronit Elkabetz.

The Usphizot are available as banners, small posters, and magnets.